Jonn @Londonist: London elects. (Reluctantly.)


Today, at last, is the day of London’s mayoral election. Lie back and think of England, it’ll all be over soon.

Anyway, to get you through the day, here are the various sickly recipes I’ve concocted for Londonist in recent weeks.

One Thursday morning in April, I spent a faintly surreal hour following Ken Livingstone round an old people’s home in Peckham. He talked about snakes.

In preparation for that one, I read his manifesto (yes, all of it) and wrote it up. After the event, his press team kindly deigned to answer some of the questions there hadn’t been time to ask.

For this still wondering how to vote, in every sense, here’s my guide to London’s constitution and electoral system.

And finally, a team effort: given both Ken and Bozza’s enviable reputation for gaffes, what would it take for one of them to finally rule themselves out? Here are some ideas.


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