Jonn @Londonist: Lies and the lying liars who tell them


…a fair and balanced look at the mayoral election.

So this week, in the gaps between the day job, I’ve been putting together some political coverage for Londonist.

On Monday I pondered the vexed question of why getting elected mayor of London seemed to be more a matter of being famous and shouty than of actually being good at stuff.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I did not in any way contribute to that shoutiness, by getting two prominent political bloggers to explain why they’d rather scoop out their own eyes with a spoon than vote for the other guy. Oddly enough, both offered largely the same reasons: that he’s a pathological liar with a penchant for pissing our money away on trinkets. Both kind of have a point.

On Thursday, the esteemed Rachel Holdsworth finally finished her decade-long project to read biographies of the three leading candidates, an experience that has, frankly, left her a bit odd.

Friday I was so depressed by the experience I didn’t write anything. Can we have some more options, please?


One thought on “Jonn @Londonist: Lies and the lying liars who tell them

  1. Sorry if I sound cynical, but I am somewhat sceptical of anyone who purports to detect any meaningful difference between Boris Livingstone and Ken Johnson. Neither is known for getting to grips with the detail of policy, so the real decision makers at City Hall are, and will remain, the officers.

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