Some old education stuff


In which I spend altogether too much time in contemplation of the actions of Mr Michael Gove

The products of some the many hours I’ve spent fretting about the nation’s youth.

  • On Labour’s strangely unnoticed school building programme (New Statesman, March 2007) – and on Gove’s decision to scrap it (New Statesman, July 2010)
  • On charity, private schools and unintended consequences (Guardian, July 2009)
  • A question it took the government a surprisingly long time to ask. These free schools: how we going to pay for them? (The First Post, May 2010)
  • And where are we going to put them, come to that? (New Statesman, May 2011)
  • Is a degree still worth bothering with? (The First Post, July 2010)
  • The never ending debate on grade inflation isn’t fair to anyone. It’s time to grade A-Levels on a curve (The First Post, August 2010)
  • There is a fairer way to fund universities – it’s called income tax (The First Post, November 2010)
  • Why the New College of the Humanities isn’t a new Oxbridge (New Statesman, June 2011)

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