The 50-foot update, part 2: the politics stuff


The second of two mega catch-up posts, covering everything I’ve been up to over the last 11 months. This one covers the political stuff. You can see the previous post, covering matters cultural, here.

On education:

  • No more A-level moaning: grade students on a curve (The First Post, August 20th 2010)
  • The fair way to fund universities? Income tax (The First Post, November 12th 2010)
  • What exactly is going wrong with Michael Gove’s pet free schools policy: it’s all a question of money (New Statesman, May 9th 2011)

The rest of the political stuff, from either side of the pond:

  • The LibDems’ Belgian problem: on the reasons for the party’s fall from grace (Liberal Conspiracy, October 13th 2010)
  • The good news for Obama: a statistical lifeline, of sorts (New Statesman, October 15th 2010)
  • Why the tea party is a liability for the Republicans (New Statesman, October 28th 2010)
  • On the Tomlinson verdict: How far can we trust the Metropolitan Police? (Londonist, May 4th 2011)

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