What did you do in the great election, daddy?


Er, bugger all of any real use, to be honest. But I did do a lot of blogging for Londonist.

First off there was my run down of some of the city’s key marginals. Then there was my report on the pitched battle between Labour and the LibDems in my own constituency of  Islington South and Finsbury. Perhaps most hubristically, on election day itself I predicted London’s election results – and, if I do say so myself, got them impressively wrong.

On election night itself, myself and Rachel Holdsworth (who blogs as Bagelmouse) spent the night liveblogging the results as they came in. Or, more accurately, didn’t. There are more cats in this liveblog than any election liveblog strictly speaking needs.

Away from the election, over at the First Post I’ve asked how we’re going to pay for the Tories’ free schools (May 26th).

And finally, at Liberal Conspiracy, the exciting tale of Dr Who and the homosexuals of doom (April 3rd).


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