Some old culture stuff


Some reviews, some analysis and the odd bit of cultural naval-gazing:

  • How unpaid internships have made the media so middle class (The First Post, August 2009)
  • Blair, actually – a rather long and faintly bizarre essay exploring the age-old question: Why is Richard Curtis a bit like Tony Blair? (ak13, February 2004)
  • Stuck Still – a frustrated essay on the cultural wasteland that was 2004 (ak13, January 2005)
  • Fairytale of New York – some faintly feminist ranting on the overly romanticised let down that was the end of Sex and the City (ak13, March 2004)
  • Haunted – on the uncomfortable experience of watching Dr. Gunther von Hagens dissect someone’s daughter on Channel 4 (ak13, March 2005)
  • Artefacts was a column I devised for ak13 in 2003, as a format for examining the impact of various books/plays/films/other stuff. Despite it being my format, I contributed only two articles to the series: one on Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls, the other on Ian McEwan’s 1987 novel The Child in Time.
  • On Home Alone (Shinyshelf, December 2006)
  • On christmas in The West Wing (Shinyshelf, December 2006)
  • A review of The Trial of Tony Blair (Shinyshelf, January 2007)
  • Two Doctor Who reviews: GridlockHuman Nature/The Family of Blood (Shinyshelf, 2007)

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