Current affairs


I’ve been terribly busy of late (except when I was terribly un-busy, on a beach somewhere, of course; but we won’t talk about that). I have thus failed miserably to update this thing.

Belatedly, though, here are some of my more recent scribblings:

  • On the immaturity of Tory libertarianism (Liberal Conspiracy, October 10th)
  • Londonist gets nicked – How I met the Met in Ladbroke Grove (Londonist, October 2nd)
  • An interview with Dr Sarah Wollaston, the woman likely to be elected Tory MP for Totnes some time next year (GP, September 11th)
  • Opinionist: London pride – On the relationship between the City and the city (Londonist, September 9th)
  • Would the left benefit from a Tory landslide? (Liberal Conspiracy, September 8th)

I also spent the party conference season blogging extensively on the various health policies on offer in Westminster right now for GP (this was nearly as much fun as it sounds). The coverage included this piece on the refusal to face financial realities.


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