In which the words of Dr Johnson are put to the test, and the actions of Mr Johnson come in for some scrutiny


I’m a regular contributor to Londonist, where I mostly narrow my eyes suspiciously at City Hall and fret about the housing crisis.

On City Hall:

  • Busy doing nothing – the inert mayoralty of Boris Johnson (July 2009)
  • Another one bites the dust – to lose one deputy may be considered a misfortune. To lose three… (June 2009)
  • London Assembly Members: Any dirt? – at the height of the parliamentary expenses scandal, I had a flick through the register of member’s interest (May 2009)

On housing:

  • They come over here, they take our houses… Why the immigrant housing myth persists (July 2009)
  • Housing crisis? What housing crisis? – on the Mayor’s affordable homes strategy (May 2009)

On the 2009 European elections:

  • European Elections: The Alternative Parties – a cut out and keep guide (June 2009)
  • Euro-elections: the morning after the night before – on the BNP vote (June 2009)

I briefly wrote for the shameless-and-swiftly-abandoned Londonist rip-off, Londonshelf:

  • The Beginning of the End – why Hoxton is so over (December 2006)
  • End of the Line – why I was glad to see the back of those bloody Routemasters (December 2006)

I’ve also written two features for the artsy quarterly, Smoke: A London Peculiar:

  • Burgess Park – on an unexpected hole in Camberwell (Winter 2004)
  • All Roads Lead to Romford – on a long walk, and the strangely semi-detached relationship between London and Essex (Spring 2007)

And finally, some some silly photo stories:

  • The mysterious theft of the Cambridge roundabout from a portacabin in Wood Green
  • Snitch on your friends – fabulous prizes to be won!

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