Flotsam and jetsam and odds and ends


From 2003-6, I intermittently contributed to the New Statesman‘s New Media Awards blog, writing stories of textspeak death certificates and Korean karaoke phones. Very little of this, sadly, is still on the interweb. Try not to feel too downhearted.

Instead, here are some other oddities I have put into the world, thanks to ak13:

  • A Sicilian Message – Ten suspicious parallels between the War on Terror and the Godfather Trilogy (ak13, June 2004)
  • Ten reasons to love… global warming (ak13, September 2004)
  • Meaning frenzy – on how ‘objective journalism’ may reflect the views of a dominant class (ak13, July 2004)
  • Ten reasons to love… the rainy British summer (ak13, July 2004)
  • Ten reasons… why you don’t matter a damn – my classic work of existential despair (ak13, March 2004)

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